Model 102-C Converter For Digital Sonifier / 101-135-066R

Model 102C converter for use with Branson SFX250 and SFX550 Sonifiers.  Connects to the Sonifier with 3-prong RF cable.


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SKU: 101-135-066R


The 102C Converter is CE compliant, for use with 250 W & 550 W models: Branson SFX 250 and SFX 550 Sonifiers, and discontinued digital models S250D and S450D.

Connects to the Sonifier with 3-prong RF cable.

The Sonifier system consists of three core elements: the Sonifier power supply, the converter (this product, 101-135-066R) and horn. The Sonifier power supply converts AC line voltage to 20 kHz or 40 kHz electrical energy. This high-frequency electrical energy is fed to the converter where it is converted to mechanical vibrations. The heart of the converter is an electrostrictive element which, when subjected to an alternating voltage, expands and contracts. The converter vibrates in a longitudinal direction and transmits the motion to the horn tip immersed in the solution, which causes cavitation.

Instruction Manual

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