Disruptor Horn – 1/2″ Diameter, Stepped Tapped, Standard With Model SFX250 And 550 / 101-147-037R

Disruptor horn, 1/2″ diameter, stepped, tapped, for processing sample volumes of 10 – 250 ml; used with Branson SFX250, SFX550, S250A, and S450A


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SKU: 101-147-037R


Compatible with SFX250 and SFX550, Analog S250A and S450A, and the discontinued S250D and S450D models.

Processes volumes from  10-500 mL

Horns (probes) transmit ultrasonic energy into a solution. The dimensions of the horn and the output control setting determine the amount of amplitude (tip movement) and degree of ultrasonic activity in the liquid. Generally, the smaller the tip diameter, the higher the amplitude. Larger tip diameters have less amplitude but can accommodate larger volumes. All Sonifier horns and tips are fabricated from titanium. Please note the charted amplitude ratings and liquid volumes when selecting horns.

A step horn with a threaded body enables the attachment of various screw-on accessories, such as a continuous flow cell. Tapped horn ends enable attachment of microtips. Tapped horns are supplied with removable flat tip.

Spec Sheet

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Instruction Manual

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