Cup Horn – Flow Thru, 2″ Diameter With Clear Plastic Chamber / 101-147-047

Cup horn, 2″ I D, with flow thru ports, used with Branson SFX250, SFX550, S250A, S450A sonifiers, indirect method of sonification for open and closed vessels, simultaneously process a number of sealed vials or test tubes, used for processing of viruses, radioactive materials


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Indirect Method Of Sonification For Open And Closed Vessels

The Branson Sonifier 2″ Diameter Cup Horn enables sonification of a sample without the horn coming in contact with the solution. It can simultaneously process a number of sealed vials or test tubes with identical parameters.

For use with Branson SFX250 and SFX550 Sonifiers, and discontinued models S250D, S450D, S250A, and S450A Sonifiers


Typical Applications

  • Liposomes preparation
  • Processes samples in complete isolation
  • Precludes the possibility of any titanium migration
  • Ideal for minute volume processing – down to 0.3 ml
  • Processing of viruses, radioactive materials


Cup horns allow materials to be treated in small vials or test tubes without immersing the ultrasonic horn or microtip in the material, thereby providing completely sterile conditions.  A cup horn is attached directly to the converter, and the assembly is mounted upside-down on the lab stand with the cup horn at the top. With chilled water in the cup horn, test tubes are suspended in the cup with the contents of the tubes just below the water level. Ultrasonic energy is then conducted from the surface of the horn, through the water and test tube walls, to the contents of the tube.

Some energy loss may occur when applying ultrasonics in this indirect way, and processing can take longer than if the ultrasonic horn were immersed directly in the solution.

There are two types of cup horn, a high intensity unit that will accommodate a single test tube, and a larger unit for multiple test tubes. The high intensity cup horn has a concave bottom that focuses the ultrasonic energy on the bottom of the tube. The larger unit, with a diameter of two (this unit, #101-147-047) or three inches (#101-147-048), allows the immersion of multiple test tubes. The larger cup horns have clear plastic walls, which permit easy viewing of the activity in the tubes during processing. Both types of cup horn are designed to allow chilled water to circulate through the cup to prevent heating of the solution as a result of the ultrasonic activity.

Spec Sheet

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