Cup Horn, SLP, SFX150 Sonifiers / 109-116-1760

Cup horn, 3″ I D, used with Branson SLP and SFX150 Sonifiers, indirect method of sonification for open and closed vessels, simultaneously process a number of sealed vials or test tubes, used for processing of viruses, radioactive materials


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The 3″ Diameter Cup Horn for the Branson SFX150 Sonifier Cell Disruptor, and discontinued SLP models Sonifier, is ideal as an indirect method of Sonification for open and closed vessels. The cup horn enables sonification of a sample without the horn coming in contact with the solution. It can simultaneously process a number of sealed vials or test tubes with identical parameters and is ideal for very small volumes. This method prevents possible cross-contamination and is ideal for working with infectious materials.

  • Process samples in complete isolation.
  • Ideal for infectious solutions.
  • Precludes possibility of any titanium residue.
  • Ideal for single or batch processing.
  • Ideal for very small volume processing.

Typical Applications:

  • Cell Disruption.
  • Liposome preparation.
  • Protein shearing and extraction.
  • Releasing cellular components, including DNA and RNA.
  • Tissue culture.
  • Infectious solutions.

In place of the microtip, the cup horn is attached to the inverted converter. Samples are placed in the cup horn which is filled with liquid. There is an inlet and outlet enabling liquid to circulate within the cup horn, to reduce heat buildup, with an overflow. The cup horn can also be used without liquid cooling circulation.

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