Continuous Flow Attachment, Stainless Steel / 100-146-171

Continuous flow attachment, stainless steel, for use with Branson SFX250, SFX550, S250A, S450A sonifiers, processes low viscosity solutions at rates up to 10 gph


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SKU: 100-146-171


For use with Branson SFX250, SFX550, S250A, and S450A Sonifiers

The stainless steel, in-line continuous flow cell uniformly processes low-viscosity solutions at rates up to 10 GPH (38 LPH). It can be used to emulsify, disperse, and homogenize by pumping a solution through a zone of intense ultrasonic activity. The degree of processing is controlled by varying the amplitude of the ultrasonic horn and the flow rate. Some solutions may require recirculating until the desired results are obtained. The continuous flow attachment incorporates a cooling jacket through which a suitable cooling liquid can be circulated to retard heat build-up during extended operation. The attachment may also be sealed in a closed system to assure sterile conditions and inhibit contamination when working with infectious materials.

Overall Dimensions:

Length:  5″

Diameter: 3.8″ (includes ports)


Typical Applications:

  • Production of vaccines and antigens
  • Emulsification of immiscible liquids (with or w/o surfactants)
  • Removal of cell walls
  • Dispersing metal oxides in solvents

This attachment, which is screwed onto the disruptor horn, permits continuous processing of low-viscosity materials at rates of up to 38 liters per hour. Designed primarily for emulsifying, dispersing, and homogenizing, the attachment will disrupt most cells, with the exception of the more difficult species. The materials being treated can be passed through the attachment more than once to obtain desired results. For cooling, a water jacket with input, output, and overflow connections is provided.

The Externally Threaded 1/2″ Diameter Disruptor Horn coupled to converter increases amplitude of ultrasonic vibrations and transmits them to the solution. Use the continuous flow attachment only with the externally threaded 1/2″ diameter disruptor horn (Part No. 101-147-037R)




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