Branson CH Cleaning Tanks with GCX Ultrasonic Generators

Branson™ GCX ultrasonic generators combine user-friendly digital controls, advanced performance features and a more compact size to precisely control the delivery of ultrasonic energy for precision cleaning systems.
The GCX generator’s touchscreen human/machine interface (HMI) offers a wide range of precise, digital settings.
Its advanced, fully variable power control allows the user to vary the cavitational intensity from 20% to 100%.

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Product Details

Transducerized Cleaning Tanks

Branson CH Tank
Branson manufactures five standard size transducerized 25 and 40kHz tanks that range from a 5 to a 50 gallon capacity (19 to 190 liters). All have drains and fills.

Type 316L bright-annealed stainless steel construction throughout permits the use of alkaline, mildly acidic, or neutral aqueous solutions.

Branson tanks feature integral heaters that can maintain solution temperatures up to 170°F (76°C).



  • Bottom-mounted positive drain connections
  • Fully shielded internal components
  • Thermostatically-controlled heat


  • Stainless steel baskets for parts handling
  • Stainless steel tank cover


GCX Ultrasonic Generator

Emerson’s Branson GCX Ultrasonic Generator delivers ultrasonic energy in a wide range of frequencies to ultrasonic cleaning systems. A basic cleaning system typically consists of an ultrasonic generator and a cleaning tank or immersible transducers. The auto tuning, line/load regulation and sweep frequency features of the GCX Ultrasonic Generator provide a more precise control of cleaning process and performance.


  • User-friendly, advanced touchscreen HMI provides easy access to system data and setup
  • Digital control of sweep frequency & power offers more precise control for accuracy and consistency
  • Compact design allows maximization of space in a wide variety of environments
  • Multi-language settings: English, Chinese and Japanese


  • Line/load regulation compensates for liquid level and temperature changes as well as line voltage and load variations
  • True variable power control makes the cavitational intensity (not duty cycle) infinitely and linearly variable from 20% to 100%
  • Selectable sweep frequency allows the user to select both band width and sweep rate to eliminate standing waves and improve activity distribution
  • Auto tuning maintains optimum operating frequency around your application
  • Power modulation mode produces four times the peak power in the bath for improved cavitation
  • Dual I/O interface with a built in simple on/off control and an optional full remote control of generator.
  • Safety features to protect the generator include over-temperature, overload, open circuit and short circuit



Element Configurations: 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48
Input Voltage: 110V, 220V
Avg. Output Power: 40 watts per element
Output Frequency: 25 or 40 kHz
Regulatory Approvals: FCC and CSA
Dimensions: 13.2”W x 19.1”D x 5.7”H
335mm W x 485mm D x 145mm H
Weight: 30 lbs. (13.6kg)


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