Branson Sonifier® Cell Disruptors
and Homogenizers

Branson Sonifier® Cell Disruptors and Homogenizers

Sonifier® ultrasonic cell disruptors and homogenizers have set the industry standard since 1960. Now, the SFX digital Sonifier brings the industry’s most advanced capabilities to your laboratory; higher power levels, precise energy and temperature control, simple operation.


Digital Sonifiers


SFX150 (150 watts)

The SFX150 Sonifier is the only cell disruptor and homogenizer of its type that includes a handheld converter. Designed for low-volume samples ranging from 0.2 to 150 mL, it delivers up to 150 watts of power at 40 kHz for quiet operation.  Available with traditional converter or handheld.


SFX250/SFX550 (250 and 550 watts)

These latest additions to the SFX Series bring a new level of ease, precision, and repeatability with advanced energy and temperature control modes, process monitoring capabilities, and programming features.  The SFX250 puts out 250 watts of power at 20 kHz to process samples from 0.2 up to 500 mL. The SFX550 is designed to handle higher volumes, up to 1000 mL, with a 550 watt output.

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